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    Even with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in your past, our FHA loan programs can still help you refinance your existing property or purchase a new property.

    Here are the general guideline requirements for borrowers seeking an FHA mortgage after a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

    • Chapter 7 bankruptcy must be discharged for (2) two years or more upon date of funding
    • Credit must be re-established after bankruptcy discharge and in good standing - no evidence of credit abuse
    • Provide letter of explanation (LOE) with loan application describing reasons for bankruptcy and the measures put in place to avoid in the future
    • Borrower must still qualify in all other areas, including job history and income requirements

    With a non-FHA, conventional mortgage program, you generally have to wait 4 years after your discharge before you can qualify for a new loan - and you normally pay a higher rate and require more money down.

    If you filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, please read about the Chapter 13 bankruptcy FHA program.

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